We provide 30 days from the time of purchase to report an issue redeeming a CD key or accessing a pre-loaded account. Upon reporting an issue we will provide troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue within 24 hours. 

If we are unable to resolve the issue via troubleshooting, we will provide a replacement CD key/pre-loaded account or a full refund. After 30 days from the time of purchase, the CD key/pre-loaded account will be deemed as accepted.

We do not provide refund/return/replacement of the product if your product is not compatible with the hardware and software of your device. We Highly recommend checking product compatibility with your device and reading all product descriptions perfectly before buying it.

If product Activation Codes or Accounts do not work we may ask the buyer for a remote connection by Anydesk/Teamviewer/Ultra viewer or any other remote desktop software, it is the buyer’s duty to cooperate with us and allow remote support so we can connect remotely and get everything done for them. If a buyer denies remote support then we provide step by step guide that the buyer needs to follow (This may be a little tricky or a little complicated but buyers need to do this by themselves as it was chosen by their own will ). No refund request will be accepted or processed if the buyer denies cooperation with us.

Refunds and Returns will not be applicable on products buyers purchased by mistake or need to buy at higher versions.

If in an Exceptional case, we Accept the buyer’s request for an exchange to the higher version of the product amount then in that case buyer needs to pay a different amount + 10% exchange processing fee.

If in the Exceptional case buyer needs a lower or Earlier version of the product and its price is lower than the purchased version in that case no difference amount refund is made but the buyer needs to pay 10% exchange processing fee.

For any questions write to us at


An order for CD keys be canceled up to 14 days from the time of purchase if the CD key remains un-redeemed. An order for pre-loaded accounts is non-cancellable after delivery due to the account details being exposed to the customer. Cancellations are subject to a minimal cancellation charge of (3.4%) + $0.30 deducted from the refund to cover our incurred processing costs.


Refunds are issued by us within 24 hours after agreeing to a return or cancellation, you will receive an email confirming the refund from us. The refund can take up to 10 days to reflect on your card/banking statement, this is beyond our control.

No refunds for Product Incompatibility, Purchase By mistake, or Wrong Product Purchased, The buyer denies cooperating with remote support.


Once bought from you we send an email and WhatsApp to the buyer for an Activation Code or Account, You can save it for later reinstall purposes. After 365 Days if you contact us to reissue the key because you missed an email or WhatsApp message or any other means by which you can retrieve your product license we will charge a 3$ reprocessing fee for reissue of key.